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What is Access Bars and what you can expect. 

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Wellness Within
Wellness is a mind-body alliance.Develop skills and habits to overcome abuse and create better relationships for a more fulfilling life. Now Offering Virtual Appointments Book a coaching consultation
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Health and Wellness Solutions in Katy TX

Reclaim the life you’ve wanted to live after troubling relationships and domestic or narcissistic abuse. Discover natural means to physical and mental health at Wellness Within with Kate. Overcoming abuse is an inside job. Here, we will help you develop skills and habits, guiding you through a rediscovery process, reconnecting you with yourself, establishing new peace within you, and healthy meaningful relationships. We can also suggest herbs that can compliment and aid in healing. We work with women who have encountered domestic abuse and struggle from toxic relationships, having difficulty after divorce, and Moms who struggle emotionally with the loss of child custody. A new you awaits. Make a choice to change! Let's start co-creating a healthier you! Reach out to Kate today!

Our Services & Products Include:

  • Virtual Abuse Recovery Coaching
  • Holistic Wellness Consultations
  • Access Bars Energy Healing 
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Skincare

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